Frequently Asked Questions

How many decking tiles do I need?

If you are decking a rectangular or square space, simply to measure the length and width of the area. Multiply these numbers (i.e. 5x6m) to get your area in m2. Each Watsun composite decking tiles measures L300mm x W300mm with each box of 10 tiles. Each individual tile is 0.09m2. A good rule of thumb is to order 5-10% more tiles than your measurements say you need, to allow for any wastage.


The area I wish to tile is circular and not rectangular. Can the tiles be cut shape?

The Watsun composite decking tiles is designed as an easy DIY decking area for customers who want the look of traditional decking but without the hassle. If you have good DIY skills, you can use a jigsaw to cut the decking tiles to fit around an obstruction, but we wouldn’t recommended cutting the tiles to create a circular area as this would impact the stability and performance of the product, reduce the point of interlocking and would not enable you to use the ramp edge or corner edge to complete your design.


Do decking tiles need a base?

The decking tiles have an integrated base with drainage holes and don’t need to be installed on top of joists or bearers. The only requirement for laying Watsun composite decking tiles is a flat and relatively even surface. The decking tiles won’t interlock when laid on uneven surfaces, so you must be sure to fix any underlying issues before starting.


Can composite decking tiles be cut?

If you are looking to deck a small, flat area that is rectangular or square space, and you’ve calculated your measurements correctly you shouldn’t need to cut any tiles. If you’d like to deck around specific obstacles or an L shaped area, you may prefer to use a jigsaw to cut the last few tiles to your required dimensions. If you are not confident in using hand tools, you can always add a few decorative stones to finish off any leftover areas, such as around a drainpipe.


Are composite decking tiles slippery?

The Watsun composite decking tiles have in-built anti-slip features and textured surface, making them safe for use in all outdoor environments. The composite decking tiles do not absorb any significant water, so you can be confident that they’ll be safe to walk on in all weathers.


Can I put decking tiles on grass?

We’d advise not to lay the decking tiles directly onto grass or bare earth directly as a long term solution as within a few weeks you’d be likely to see weed growth or new grass coming up between the surface planks of the tiles.


Do you supply external corner decking tile ramp edge?

The Watsun decking tiles range includes ramp edge bar and corner edge bar which help finish off external ramp corners. If your deck design requires internal corner ramp edges, you can create these yourself by cut edge to the 45 degree internal corner, but we would only recommended this if you’re an experienced DIYer with the necessary jigsaw and a good understanding of measuring and cutting.